For a healthy stay at the Hotel Burggräfler: Physiotherm fitness and health cabins

The doctor recommends:

“For efficient prevention, I recommend using a physiotherm infrared fitness and health cabin.“

Dr. Ralf Kleef, Expert on heat treatments, head of the Institute of Heat and Immunotherapy

Physiotherm: recommended by doctors

Dr. med. Ralf Kleef about infrared.

Dr. Ralf Kleef is an internationally recognized expert in hyperthermia – ie for the heat treatment of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs. In his Institute of Heat and Immunotherapy in Vienna he researched for many years the Hyperthermia with infrared radiation and developing effective therapies against:

  • arthrosis, arthritis
  • fibromyalgia (soft tissue)
  • spinal conditions
  • asthma, bronchitis
  • infections and immune deficiency
  • pain conditions
  • stress states and muscle tension
  • cancers

Scientifically tested.

Together with an international team of doctors Dr. Kleef also has performed a controlled study on the effects of specific physiotherm low temperature infrared technique with the following scientifically proven statements.

About the healthy results , the obtained physiotherm infrared deep heat:

  • The immune system is strengthened and stimulated measurable
  • Metabolism and blood circulation are increased, the body is detoxified and cleansed
  • Tension and skin diseases are positively influenced.
  • A targeted weight loss is supported
  • A stay in the cabin physiotherm is equivalent in effect to mild endurance training of about 30 minutes

About the special infrared technique of cabins physiotherm:

That’s good!

In our fitness and health cabins, just with 35 degrees Celsius, you will be a new person!

Because soft infrared therapy brings new energy and life works wonders for many ailments: back pain disappears. The immune system is strengthened. Stress is reduced, muscle tensions are released. And by the way, you can lose weight.

An ideal precaution for health and fitness. Also, several reports and a new scientific study confirm it: physiotherm users are healthier, happier and have more energy reserves.

Physiotherm infrared increases the flow of blood to the spinal muscles and helps:

  • Increased oxygen supply to the brain
  • Pain relief in the neck and the entire back
  • Regulation and modulation of the immune system
  • Increased calorie consumption
  • Stress reduction
  • Prevention for health and fitness

Let’s do it!

Rejuvenate, relax and detoxify – a treat for body and soul. You can see it every day: with your own cabine at home. Get the permission of the house today for your special offer. Information is also available at the front desk, by the lifeguard or by the fitness coach.

Physiotherm fitness and health cabins
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